How to input match statistics

Inputting team statistics in 360Player is easy and by doing so you can earn valuable insights about your team. In this quick tutorial, you'll learn all the basics about how to add statistics from a match.

Navigate to the match you want to add statistics to. You can do this from the Calendar or directly from the Dashboard. If you'd like to learn how to create event you can check out our 'how to create an event' tutorial.
Once you've entered the match you'd like to edit, click on Add statistics. You can also find this button under the summary tab.
*If you have already added statistics and want to edit them, press the edit button from the summary tab.

Now that you are inside the match statistic editor you can input things like the final score, halftime score, and stats like the number of shots, passes, free kicks, and more. When inputting statistics you can toggle between the teams with the button that says  Our team/Opponent. 

Notice that you can flip the home and away team with the Home/Away button.

For each statistic you enter you can add more details such as the minute in which the event occurred and which players were involved. You can access this drop down menu for more detailed information with the arrow button in the top left corner. 360Player will automatically track your team's scoring leaders and generate more insights when you enter this information.
You can also register substitutions including which players went in and out. When entering the minutes that the substitutions occurred, 360Player will automatically track the total number of minutes each player has played over the course of the season. Once you're done entering statistics for the match, press Save.
Congratulations! Now that you have saved your statistics you can view them all in the M atch summary tab of the event. You can also see aggregated data and more insights in the statistics section of the app. 

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