How to use estimated physical strain

With 360Player it's easy to keep track of player's physical strain to help prevent injuries. When creating an event coaches can add how physically demanding they expect the activity to be. Players can go in and make adjustments and also log other activities that they do. All of this data together can help give everyone a good picture of how active players are and when they need to take a break. Here's how to record physical strain. 

If you've already created an event and want to edit the expected physical demand, here's how to do it

Navigate to an event in the Calendar tab and then click on an event you'd like to edit the physical strain data fo.

Once inside the even press the three dots, then press edit.

Inside the event editor, you can set the physical strain for the event for the players who attended. For extremely tough sessions move the slider towards red. For easy session move towards blue.

Remember that players can go in and adjust the baseline physical strain that you set to make it more relevant to how they experienced the event.

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